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LED Kits for the
Outdoor Hull of the Parrot AR Drone

On this page you will find all of our kits that are available for the outdoor hull.  We have the STROBE remote control kit that is single color and as the same says, very flashy and eye catching! We now also offer the COLOR CHANGE kit sized for the outdoor hull.

Strobe Remote Control LED Kit

I always feel that video speaks much louder then text so here is a video showing the Strobe kit installed on a drone, and how the different functions of the remote work along with this kit:


Here is a video that goes over the different colors that will be available at launch.  Please note that depending on the demand for colors, certain ones may be out of stock, or may become discontinued (for lack of interest).  So when you place your order below, the current available colors will be listed.


ALL kits include:

    • TWO LED strips in the color of your choice with black background.
      • LED-strobe-s
    • Bright White LED ring with black background
      • ring1
    • 10 function Remote control
      • strobe-remote-s
      • Power button
      • Light mode: rotation of strobes and flashes
      • Brightness up/down (10 Levels w/ 3 presets)
      • Mode up/down (8 Dynamic modes)
      • Speed up/down

Select the color of your kit:
Include White LED Ring:
Power Connector:
How did you hear of us?
If "Other" then how?
Special Instructions:
Pay online here, or contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here or in the videos.  Please ask all questions before purchase.

Color Change Remote Control LED Kit

This kit is the very same best selling kit that was originally offered for the indoor hull, but now sized and configured to work on the outdoor hull!  For the ins and outs of the kit see all the videos on the indoor hull page since this kit functions identically! 

NOTE: The Switch Selector System has been discontinued for delays in production that it caused.  It is now available special order item only.  Send us an email for a price quote and lead time.  Currently the bottom ring will just be constant on when the battery is connected.



    • This kit has three color change zones.  Represented by green, red and blue in the picture above.
    • This is the kit shown in the videos above, when the front shows green, the rear will be red, and the spine blue, However because of the color change abilitiy of this kit, there are endless combinations available!
    • Color changing High Density (60 per meter) LEDs for perimeter and spine.  Introducing our new factory black background strips!  All kits will now ship the LEDs shown below:
      • strip
    • Bright White LED ring with black background
      • ring1
    • 10 function Remote control
      • remote
      • Power button
      • Brightness up/down (5 Levels)
      • Color up/down (20 Colors)
      • Mode up/down (19 Dynamic modes)
      • Speed up/down
      • Demo Mode

Select your kit:
Include White LED Ring:
Power Connector:
How did you hear of us?
If "Other" then how?
Special Instructions:
Pay online here, or contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here or in the videos.  Please ask all questions before purchase.

Support video:

I created an installation guide video.  This is to aid those who are on the fence, and would like to see exactly what you get when you get it.  As well how easy it is to install.  The video is available on our support page.

Repair service:

Please contact us if you run into trouble with your light kit, we may be able to assist.  Each situation is unique, so let us know what happened and if a repair is possible we will reply with a quote for the cost of repair.


  • Myself, nor Tuxedo Scuba, nor TronAGE.com, nor any of its employees are responsible for any and all damage that the led kit may directly or indirectly cause to the AR Drone or any other property.
  • All LED light kits are built to order, we do not keep an inventory of pre-made kits (because of the  options offered).  Because of this please allow a few days to build the kit before it is shipped. 
  • If you wish your shipment to be insured, please select from the drop-down below and then add to cart.
    • Total cost of order (amount to insure package for)
    • The insurance available above is for Domestic (USA) only.  If you are an international buyer, and wish to have your order insured, please contact us prior to placing your order.  This allows us to adjust the price appropriate for your country. 
    • We are not responsible for any shipments that are lost or damaged in transit. 
    • Please contact your local United States Post Office to file a claim.
  • All LED light kits are tested before they are shipped. It is impossible for me know if any damage was caused in shipping, misuse, poor installation, or a crash with the drone.  For this reason all sales are final.
  • LED kits have exposed electrical components. 
    • Do not use in the rain, or where there is a possibility of them getting wet.
  • As with all batteries they can only supply so much power, so the more accessories you chain together some LEDs may appear slightly dimmer then if hooked up separately.  This is normal and expected.
  • Warning: leaving the LEDs connected to a LiPo pack for an extended amount of time (especially a non-parrot brand one without over discharge protection) can be hazardous.  Please use your LED kit  responsibly and do not over-discharge your pack with the kit.  As mentioned we are not responsible for any damage this may cause to the pack, or to the drone, or any other property.
  • When applying the LED strips to your drone there are several factors you have to keep in mind:
    • Humidity, Temperature, Oils.  The mounting tape that comes with the strips does not function well under high humidity, high temps, low temps, or surfaces with residual oil.  If applied and used under these conditions, it will "release" off the drone and in some cases seem to just "disappear".  Yes this is a shortcoming of the strips, however in an effort to keep the costs down I chose these because of the quality of the LEDs and the electronics, and not based on the mounting tape.
    • If you plan on flying in areas with high humidity or high (>aprox 80deg) or low (<aprox 60deg) then I advise you  purchase the Golden mounting tape, available in our accessories section.  As mentioned we don't offer this tape "standard" in an effort to keep the costs as low as possible.  Another alternative is to bond the strip more "permanently" to the hull using "Super Glue" or "Hot Glue".
    • For oils, prep to the hull is key, some hulls will have an oily residue which is the nature of foam.  It has plasticizers added when manufactured that helps keep it flexible, these also however inhibit a bond with adhesive tapes.  To combat this, you can wipe the area of the hull to have the LED strips applied with some rubbing alcohol.  This will help remove any dust, dirt, oil, and plasticizers that may be sitting on the surface.  Allow this to air dry (should only take a few seconds) and then apply your LED strips.  If it still "releases" from the drone, the foam is probably newer, and the plasticizers are still coming to the surface compromising the bond.  The alternative would be as above to use "Super Glue" or "Hot Glue".



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